Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Click Clack Jack is a Finalist at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival

Click Clack Jack has been selected as a Finalist at the 2008 San Antonio Christian International Film Festival! Please visit http://www.independentchristianfilms.com/program/default.asp?year=2009&id=f09143&mode=entry.

Click Clack Jack to be screened at the NYIIFF

Click Clack Jack will host a booth at the 2008 NYIIFF in LA. Opening ceremonies will begin Dec. 4 at 7:00pm. CCJ will be screened on Tuesday, Dec. 9th at 8:00pm. For more info on the
festival, visit http://www.nyfilmvideo.com/

Click Clack Jack is Official Selection at Kid's First Festival

Now in its ninth year, the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival is a showcase for children's films, TV shows and DVDs from major studios and independent filmmakers. The festival is a traveling, year-round festival that partners with more than 120 venues nationwide who host more than 10,000 screenings of KIDS FIRST! films to an an audience of more than one million!
Youth are given a true voice - as curators, as audience members, as film critics, as volunteer staff and as filmmakers showing their work. In 2008, almost one-third of the films accepted were from student filmmakers.
All films screened during the year, from September to September, are eligible for the KIDS FIRST! Best Awards, awarded annually in October. For details on our 2008 Event, go here.